Dedicated to making sure our students stay one step ahead of their competition
WHY US ...
Network of Instructor Support.
While you work independently, you are not alone. Expert faculty and support staff are just a phone call or e-mail away.

All Inclusive Tuition and Fees.
Your tuition and fees includes all your books and materials as well as your assessments and certification.

Career Services (optional benefit)
Students can take advantage of our Career Services which include help on searching for and finding that great job, tips on interviewing, preparing a cover letter– even one-on-one help writing your resume with the assistance of a Certified Professional Resume Writer.
Expert faculty
Our faculty members are established professionals who focus on sharing their knowledge and real-world experience with you.

We continually enhance our teaching methods through a Teaching Excellence Course Plus and student feedback surveys.

Proven programmes

Thousands of students benefit from our highly respected, nation-wide education system and a broad range of programme offerings every year.

Our curriculum contains the latest business concepts needed to succeed in today's ever-changing business and technology professions.

You can customise a part of your programme* to target your individual interests and career goals.

We can custom design corporate programmes in business and technology to serve specific company goals.

We call it Professional Personal Development, and it's a lot more than just training.

We have truckloads of dynamism, creativity, insight, pragmatism, corporate understanding and a fantastic ability to find solutions to any people skills issues going.
        WHAT MAKES US             
              DIFFERENT ...

Our client comes first.

2.  We believe in honesty and
     integrity in all business

3.  We provide leading-edge
     services and ongoing

4.  We deliver what we promise.

5.  Your unique requirement is
     important and we will make
     any solution fit your business
     and its environment.
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