Corporate Training Programs and Business Skills Development Courses for all staff levels from Management, Secretarial to Call Centre and Sales
How long are the courses?
Our Correspondence Courses take 6 - 12 weeks to complete. Leniency is given to correspondence course students if the course is not completed in the prescribed time, as we understand unforeseen circumstances, however we will require written motivation stating the reason.

Workshops are completed within 1 or 2 days depending on workshop that you have enrolled for.

How does payment work?
Payment is required prior to the release of the course material as modules can not be shipped separately.  The fee also includes shipping of course material using express delivery with DHL couriers to your physical address.

Corporate clients are to pay 50% of course fee upon enrolment and the rest is payable on the day of the workshop. 

How can I do these course if I am working?
We offer part-time / correspondence courses as well as Workshops. The Workshops are held on specified dates and according to space availability.  Registrations for our self-study distance learning courses are open at any time allowing our students to enroll at any time that best suits their schedules, however kindly remember to enquire about the fees to ensure that they are still the same.

What is included in the course price?

All courseware and textbooks, the lecturing, examinations and a Student Card are included in the course cost. The fee also includes shipping of course material using express delivery with DHL couriers to your physical address. *
Enquire about additional shipping and handling charges if you are situated outside of South Africa.

What are the entry requirements of the courses?

English is a requirement for all of our courses as well as an average understanding of vocabulary, literacy and grammar.

A Grade 12 certificate is not required to complete our courses.

Where are examinations written?

Examinations are written at our training centre in Hartbeespoort, Pretoria, however for your convenience it is possible for us to send one of our facilitators to you on the day you are ready to write your examination. There is always the option of nominating an employer, colleague, relative or friend to be your examiner. If you do choose this option then you need to inform us who your nominee examiner will be in order for us to make contact with them.

1. Determine Whether Training Is Needed

2. Choose a Training Programme

3. Complete the Site Planner and Workshop Enrolment Form (below) and return it to our office

4. Let's do the training

5, Review the Evaluations

6. Distribute Follow-Up Materials to



1. Decide which course you would like to enroll for

2. Complete the Enrolment Form

3. Fax the enrolment form and proof of payment to 086 600 3124

4. Receive your course material
2 - 3 working days after enrolment

5. Complete your assignments

6. Write your examination


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Simple Accounting, Basic Fundamentals of Bookkeeping, Basic Project Management, Smoking at work, Alcohol and Drug Counseling , Anger Management, Self-Management, Business Administration Management MBA, Negotiation Skills, Performance Management Fundamentals, Conflict Management, Assertiveness Skills, Critical Thinking, Coaching. Managing Mentoring, Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques, Stress Management, Time Management , Defusing Hostile Clients, Customer Service training, telephone skills Sales Management, Advanced Project Management, human resources for secretaries, professional skills for executive secretaries, financial secretarial course, secretarial masters of business administration course, receptionist training workshop, marketing assistant course, training, courses, workshops, soft skills development, black empowered, soft skills training, business writing course, minute taking course, tea lady course, cleaning lady course, domestic worker training
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