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We run a number of one-day workshops in personal and team skills, each designed to add value and enhance teamwork and morale. The most popular topics include teamwork, leadership, effective communication, and business creativity, although workshops are also available in which we discuss other essential skills such as coaching, negotiation, and change management.

These workshops offer an extremely cost effective way in which to develop essential soft skills at all levels from shop floor to boardroom, and all can be run at your premises with a minimum of facilities (a room large enough to seat the group), or at any other suitable venue nearby, thus minimising travelling expense and time spent away from the business.

The atmosphere during these sessions is kept friendly and informal, and we use fun as a key ingredient. The training is delivered through enjoyable experiential learning using practical exercises, as is backed-up by concise workshop notes.

Like all our training, these sessions will be tailored to your particular needs. However, we are convinced that the personal touch is vital with this type of training, and we therefore recommend participation by groups of no more than about 20 people. Additionally, these workshops are most effective when delivered to a group representing a vertical slice through the business.

For further information including availability and fees, please contact the office at (012) 253 1888 or e-mail us at
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